Supplemental Educational Services

Supplemental Educational Services

Supplemental educational services (SES) include tutoring and other extended learning opportunities (i.e., after-school programs, summer school, Saturday classes, etc.) that are offered to low-income, academically at-risk students in addition to the general education curriculum.  These are free services that must be offered to low-income children who attend a Title I school that fails to make progress for three years (in its second year of "school improvement status").

Low-income students are generally those who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

These services offer students extra help in academic subjects such as reading, language arts, and mathematics. SES services are provided outside the regular school day—before or after school, on weekends, or in the summer.

Title I schools that don’t make AYP for at least three years must offer SES to students. Schools must continue to offer SES to their students until the school shows adequate yearly progress for two years in a row. If the demand for SES exceeds available funds, districts may give priority to the lowest achieving eligible students.

In Richmond Community Schools, students attending Crestdale Elementary and Fairview Elementary may be eligible for supplemental educational services.  The State provides an approved list of service providers each year.  Parents whose children attend a school offering supplemental educational services will be sent information about the availability of services, and will be sent the entire list of state-approved supplemental service providers.  Parents may select any of the approved providers – the school will assist with the selection if parents wish, and they may refer to the SES Frequently Asked Questions brochure as well.

During the past few years, Richmond Community Schools has seen an increase in the number of students taking advantage of Supplemental Education Services number of students taking advantage of Supplemental Educational Services.