Brandon Perkins
Technology Coordinator

Phone: 765-973-4902



Digital Learning Vision Statement

Please click here to view the Digital Learning Vision Statement.

7 Things About RCS' Information Technology Initiatives

  1. Technology is infused in the Richmond Community Schools curriculum.
  2. All students have access to a computer multiple times a week.
  3. Six classrooms in the RHS Science Department use Digital Textbooks for classroom use. In addition, all Early College Academy students have their own RCS netbooks for classroom use.
  4. All teachers have computers for instructional use, gradebook functions, communications, research, and other 21st Century Skill Building tasks.
  5. Professional development is provided weekly in areas of integrating technology into the classroom.
  6. All RCS students are provided with a unique and secure username and password to access network and Internet resources.
  7. Over 116 servers provide educational and business related technologies to the classrooms and administrative offices.

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About the Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department comprises the following:

  • Two data technicians
  • Five full-time computer technicians
  • One technology secretary
  • One telecommunications technician
  • Two network administrators