• Symphonic Winds

The RHS Symphonic Winds are the primary performing concert band of Richmond High School. They will perform 2 concerts in the fall, and 2 concerts in the spring, including the ISSMA Organizational Contest in April. They are under the direction of Mr. Terry Bettner, Director of Bands, Richmond High School and Mr. Nathan Rigsby, Associate Director of Bands, Richmond High School.


  • Marching Band

The RHS Marching Band, directed by Terry Bettner, prepares and performs every year at the Indiana State Fair Band Day in Indianapolis. This group is open to all musicians in the band program of RCS from grades 9-12 (grade 8 if granted permission through directors). They have an outstanding track record of musical success with consistent top 5 finishes for the last 15 years, including 3 runner-up champions, and 8 percussion captions in the books. They are Band Day champions from 1973 and 1988. 

  • Spirit Band
  • Percussion Ensemble