We all want our students to perform well on the ISTEP+ assessment. We want the technology to be ready when they arrive in the labs and perform without glitches.

To help meet those needs, I've put together the following tips:

Top 8 Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Labs for ISTEP+

  1. Shut down and restart all computers. This ensures all computers have a fresh playing field from which to start.
  2. Use the following to log into the computer: username = istep    password = (ask principal for password)
  3. If audio is needed, check to ensure the sound icon is NOT muted.
  4. If audio is needed, plug in headphones.
  5. If audio is needed, turn up the sound.
  6. Right-click the ISTEP CTB shortcut on the Windows desktop and click OPEN from the pop-up menu. This eliminates users over-clicking the icon by accident, which can cause system problems.
  7. Be sure caps lock is OFF.
  8. Carefully type in the student username, password, and access code.

If you need technical assistance, call x-4902.

Bonus: See the RCS ISTEP+ Info Page

Thank you.

Rob Tidrow