Online Graduation Academy Orientation

Now that you're enrolled in the Richmond Online Graduation Academy and attended one of the Orientation meetings, you can start work on your online courses. The following information and links provide key information for helping you succeed in the Richmond Online Graduation Academy.

Accessing Pearson GradPoint

Click HERE to learn how to access Pearson GradPoint.

Visiting the L104 Computer Lab

Click HERE for information on visiting the RIchmond High School L104 Computer Lab.


  • Students will be enrolled in five courses. After you finish a course, another course will be added to your list of courses.
  • Students are encouraged to complete 5 (five) courses per semester to stay on track to graduate.
  • Midterm and Final exam for each course must be taken under supervision of a teacher at RHS computer lab.
  • Required Indiana DOE End of Course Assessments (ECA) must be taken under the supervision of a teacher at RHS. If your required to take an ECA, please discuss with one of the Richmond Online Graduation Academy teachers or counselors.
  • Must have 70% to pass modules and exams to earn credit.

Teachers and Academic Coaches

The Richmond Online Graduation Academy is committed to helping you achieve your graduation goals. To that end, we have Richmond High School faculty members available to assist you.

The faculty that will assist you includes the following:

  • Two teachers and an Academic Coach.
  • Math
  • English
  • Adminsitrator
    • Mr. Josh Amyx

Teachers and Academic Coaches will monitor your online course progress each week.

As a student in the Richmond Online Graduation Academy, you must report in each week for progress monitoring. To report in, you can do one or more of the following:

  • Call in
  • Physically come in
  • Email your teacher and/or academic coach