In this American Education Week, we are proud and thankful for all of the support from all members of our staff and community who make public education in Richmond a vibrant and top quality service for our young people.
Congratulations to Helen Kern (3rd place), Justin Casanova (2nd place) and Desteny Casanova (1st place).  They will be participating in the district-wide spelling bee on January 30th.  (Photo provided by Kathy Benner)
Team members:  Karelee Basford, Desteny Casanova, Justin Casanova, Emily Crawford, Kyla Gordan, Azavier Guess, SCott Haskett, Ryan Lawson, Russell Moll, Jonathan Morales, Jadelyn Osario, Noah Reid, Poetry Sandlin, Rachel Schweppe, Precious...

Elizabeth Starr Academy


"We need to prepare kids for their future, not our past."

Our mission is to prepare our students for their future through the use of a rigorous curriculum based on the Indiana State Standards, our Micro Society Curriculum, and real-world experiences.

La meta de la Escuela de Starr es para preparar todos los estudiantes por el futuro. Nosotros va a usar Los Estandartes de Estado de Indiana , y nuestra  la plan de estudios, y experiencias de el mundo verdadero.

Welcome to the ESA Webpage

Elizabeth Starr Academy is a magnet school of choice and a part of the Richmond Community Schools. Our focus is teaching our students about how to be successful in the real world through our Micro Society.

Click HERE to watch our Spring Contest Submission video!

The Discovery Zone, our own society, is in its second year and our businesses are creating amazing products for sale during Market Days and for our Micro Night.

Our society is run by a  President - TBA and a Vice-President - TBA and a Secretary - TBA and a Treasurer - TBA. These government employees work with the Common Council to create laws and solve problems in our society.

We expect our students to be good citizens every day and to be productive members of our society. We are teaching our students how to be work as part of a team and how their work ethic and attendance impacts their pay checks each month. We have several businesses in the Discovery Zone this year including a bakery, a bank, a theatre, a toy store, and more!

Our students are also expected to complete assignments and pass tests based on the RCS and Indiana Standards. Our students must be organized, responsible and have great parent support to learn and grow at ESA!

The Coyote Pledge


Coyotes Respect: Everyone, ourSelves, and Academics!

Our students are involved in many activities such as sports, Kids Fest, music lessons, involvement with the theatre, Boys & Girls Club, Girls Inc, Boy Scouts, Daniel Reid Day, The Folk Dance Festival, Lemonade Day, Cheerleading, The Dreamcatchers Dance Team, and we run the concession stand for the Hub Etchison Football League. We always welcome new students who are ready to be a part of our school and our Micro Society; and we welcome any community members to stop by to see what we are about OR stay to volunteer.

How can you find out what is going on at ESA?

  • You can read the newsletters that are posted on our website every week
  • You can check out the RCS Events Calendar – we update our events every week
  • You can follow us on Facebook
  • You can stop in and see what we are all about!!
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    b.    Please click Remind 101 instructions.pdf to see the instructions on how to sign up.

What is going on right now at ESA?

  • We are looking forward to a new year at ESA! Please keep checking our site for updates and information!!

Important Information

  • Building Newsletters go home once a month on Wednesday
  • Absences are not excused if we do not receive a phone call or a note from a parent/guardian
  •  The PTO meets on the third Thursday of every month - please join us!