Principal's Corner


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Welcome to Fairview Elementary School, home of the Fairview Lions!

It has been a fantastic start to the school year! We are thrilled with how excited our students have been as they enter the building each day. Our current procedures for arrival and dismissal will remain the same for the duration of the year unless you are notified of a change. 

Teacher have been diligently working on classroom procedures with students and gathering necessary data to help us better understand how we can serve your child. Students are currently taking the NWEA Growth Assessment that will help us identify deficits and strengths. Students will take three rounds of this assessment during the year with the goal to see growth each time. 

Other assessments include reading (including comprehension), spelling, sight words, writing, math facts, letter identification, and number identification. Each grade level is different in how they approach the assessed skills. 

We have some upcoming events to keep an eye out for:

The Boston Run will take place on September 28 at Glen Miller Park.

Our Spooky Story Night and Title 1 Parent Meeting will take place on October 5 at the Wayne County Historical Museum.

We look forward to seeing you at these exciting events! 

Mr. Adam McDaniel, Principal

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