Westview Elementary

Dear Westview families,

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday season. It is such a busy time for all with the food preparations, shopping, wrapping and parties. We appreciate your continued support of your child’s academic achievement even during this busy time of year.

When you think about gifts this holiday season, consider the wonderful gift of books. This is a great time to purchase books for yourself and for your children. One very concrete way to help your child is to read and model for your child that you have questions when you read. Giving your child a book as a gift and reading it with her/him or asking her/him questions about it is a great way to support your child’s development as a reader.

Enjoy modeling for your child that reading is a pleasurable experience especially on the cold dark days coming up. Reading good books is such an important part of family life. The National Institute of Literacy and the Department of Education have a few suggestions that may enhance your child’s reading abilities:

Make reading a part of every day

Share conversations with your child over meal times and other times you are together. Children learn words more easily when they hear them spoken often. Introduce new and interesting words at every opportunity.

Read together every day. Spend time talking about stories, pictures, and words.

Be your child’s best advocate. Keep informed about your child’s progress in reading and ask the classroom teachers for ways you can help.

Be a reader and writer. Children learn habits from the people around them.

Visit the library often. Story times, computers, homework help, and other exciting activities await the entire family.

Success in school starts with reading

Happy Holidays-

Tammy Rhoades


New ILEARN Assessment Information



A few general reminders about procedural items.

Students need to be in class and ready to begin their daily activities at 7:50. Our dismissal time is 2:40 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We dismiss at 1:40 on Tuesday. We need for all our students to be here daily and on time. Attendance is a priority at Westview. Please schedule all appointments after school hours.  

Please remember to drive safely especially during drop off and pick up times. We have many wonderful kids and we need your support to help keep our school safe. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wait, I suggest that you do not pull into the circle drive. There are alternative drop-off locations available; these options include dropping off your child at the corner or on one of the side streets. If you need to come into the building to talk with one of us, please park your car in a parking spot.  

When we have a two-hour delay, school will start at 9:50. Breakfast is not served when we are on a two-hour delay. You can access school closings/delays by going to the Richmond Community Schools web site, listening to the radio, or watching television.