Hibberd KPTO


All parents are encouraged to be a part of the KPTO (Kids/Parents/Teachers Organization)!!

The purpose of our organization is to support the educational, emotional, and social development of all students enrolled at Hibberd.  We strive to encourage healthy relationships and communication between students, parents, teachers, and staff, while promoting the development of life-long learners through a world-class educational experience!

 KPTO funding comes from:

  •  Donations                                     
  • Book Fair
  • Box Tops/Labels for Education
  • Special Events/fundraisers

KPTO funding pays for:

  • Books for the library
  • School supplies
  • Recognition/prizes for students
  • Food/drinks for school events


Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month  -  6:30-7:15 PM

November 2nd (Special Date)

December 14th

January 11th

February 8th

March 15th

April 12th

May 10th