Teachers & Staff

Teachers and Staff
Name Position Email
Amyx, Josh Assistant Principal josha@rcs.k12.in.us
Andrews, Floyd Math floyda@rcs.k12.in.us
Austin, D J Math bryce1@rcs.k12.in.us
Avery, Mary Ann Life Skills mavery@rcs.k12.in.us
Bailey, Robert Science rbailey@rcs.k12.in.us
Baker, Stephanie Assistant Principal stephaniec@rcs.k12.us
Ball, Marcia Exceptional Education maball@rcs.k12.in.us
Beaman, Scott Math scottb@rcs.k12.in.us
Bennett, Brian English bbennett1@rcs.k12.in.us
Bettner, Terry Music terryb@rcs.k12.in.us
Blakely, Curtis Vocational cblakely@ivytech.edu
Bourassa, Mimie Executive Assistant to Principal mimieb@rcs.k12.in.us
Bowling, Janet Secretary to Stephanie Baker jbowling@rcs.k12.in.us
Brazil, Laura Associate Principal lbrazil@rcs.k12.in.us
Brooks, Jessica English jbrooks@rcs.k12.in.us
Brown, Antoinette Vocational abrown@rcs.k12.in.us
Brown, Sandra Exceptional Education sandrab@rcs.k12.in.us
Bruns, Damion English damionb@rcs.k12.in.us
Bunner, Kirsten Exceptional Education kbunner@rcs.k12.in.us
Busse, Abby Social Studies abusse@rcs.k12.in.us
Calvert, Marcus Science mcalvert@rcs.k12.in.us
Capps, Danny Social Studies dcapps@rcs.k12.in.us
Cate, Cindy Civic Hall Secretary ccate@rcs.k12.in.us
Cody, Lois Treasurer/Bookkeeper loisc@rcs.k12.in.us
Cook, John Performing Arts Manager/Civic Hall jcook@rcs.k12.in.us
Cruse-Griffin, India Drawing, Intro to 2D Art indiag@rcs.k12.in.us
Daniels, Johnnie Spanish jdaniels@rcs.k12.in.us  
Davis, Deana Secretary to Laura Brazil deanad@rcs.k12.in.us  
Diego, Lesia Exceptional Education ldiego@rcs.k12.in.us  
Dilworth, Lori Math ldilworth@rcs.k12.in.us
Ecker, Randall Choir randye@rcs.k12.in.us
Fisher, Matthew  Science mattf@rcs.k12.in.us
Fulvi, Cammi English cfulvi@rcs.k12.in.us
Gabbard, Jeff Pierian/Register, Journalistic Writing jgabbard@rcs.k12.in.us
Gruber, Lauren Exceptional Education lgruber@rcs.k12.in.us
Hach, Sam Band shach@rcs.k12.in.us
Hansing, Mary Jane Math maryh@rcs.k12.in.us
Harrison, Saundra Exceptional Education saundrah@rcs.k12.in.us
Hartman, Jennifer Exceptional Education jhartman@rcs.k12.in.us
Hawley, Sarah Science saraha@rcs.k12.us.us
Haynes, Matthew Social Studies mhaynes@rcs.k12.in.us
Heiderich, Kris English krheiderich@rcs.k12.in.us
Hensley, Rusty Assistant Principal rhensley@rcs.k12.in.us
Hilbert, Brandon Science/ Engineer Design brandonh@rcs.k12.in.us
Hill, Jeremy English jeremyh@rcs.k12.in.us
Hinkey, Megan Counselor mrayburn@rcs.k12.in.us
Hisrich, Heidi  Science heidih@rcs.k12.in.us
Hittson, Ken Math kennethh@rcs.k12.in.us
Holeva, Matthew Alternative Ed/Social Studies matth@rcs.k12.in.us
Hoober, Stephanie Counselor stephanieq@rcs.k12.in.us  
Howard, Christina ENL choward@rcs.k12.in.us  
Johnson, Celeste Instructional Coach celestea@rcs.k12.in.us
Jones, Darian English darianj@rcs.k12.in.us
Kendig, Nathan Construction nkendig@rcs.k12.in.us
Khaliq, Shabaz Credit Recocery mkhaliq@rcs.k12.in.us
Kitchel, Sarah English shamm@rcs.k12.in.us
Lady, Jennifer Registrar jenniferl@rcs.k12.in.us
Lambright, Hunter Math hlambright@rcs.k12.in.us
Langley, Bill Spanish wlangley@rcs.k12.in.us
Lee, Jay Social Studies jayl@rcs.k12.in.us
Lefresne, Sheila Exceptional Education slefresne@rcs.k12.in.us
Lewis, Tony PE alewis@rcs.k12.in.us
Lynch-Houssain, Crystal Exceptional Education crystall@rcs.k12.in.us
McFarland, Kasey Counselor kmcfarland@rcs.k12.in.us
McKibbin, Cynthia PE/Health cynthiam@rcs.k12.in.us
Moore, Gregg Fire & Rescue gmoore@rcs.k12.in.us
Morgan, Lisa Exceptional Education lmorgan@rcs.k12.in.us
Murphy, Ron Exceptional Education ronaldm@rcs.k12.in.us
Nicholson, Robin Art rnicholson@rcs.k12.in.us
Nocton, Tara Vocational tnocton@rcs.k12.in.us
Parks, Jane Secretary to Josh Amyx janepa@rcs.k12.in.us
Philpot, Emily English emilye@rcs.k12.in.us
Porter, Sally Counselor sallyp@rcs.k12.in.us
Price, Marc Social Studies mprice@rcs.k12.in.us
Reising FACS kathariner@rcs.k12.in.us
Rigsby, Nathan Band nathanr@rcs.k12.in.us
Rodriguez, Jay Social Studies jrodriguez@rcs.k12.in.us  
Ronne, Tre Social Studies/Early College rronne@rcs.k12.in.us
Russell, James Radio/TV jamesr@rcs.k12.in.us
Sayne, Brian Exceptional  Education brians@rcs.k12.in.us
Scheiben, Tess Spanish scheibent@rcs.k12.in.us
Schlabach, Joel Social Studies jschlabach@rcs.k12.in.us
Schlotterbeck, Raeanne Child Dev., Nutrition & Wellness rschlotterbeck@rcs.k12.in.us
Seibel, Scott Math/Alternative Ed scotts@rcs.k12.in.us
Selm, Denise Business denises@rcs.k12.in.us
Sherrow, Emily English egard@rcs.k12.in.us
Smith, Tammy Secretary to Rusty Hensley tammys@rcs.k12.in.us
Snyder, Caleb Drafting calebs@rcs.k12.in.us
Sonsini, Tony Health/PE tonys@rcs.k12..in.us
Stout, Stephanie Science sstout@rcs.k12.in.us
Summey, Joshua Automotive joshuas@rcs.k12.in.us
Thrasher, Renee Science reneet@rcs.k12.in.us
Turner, Shawn Math sturner@rcs.k12.in.us
Webb, Greg Science gwebb@rcs.k12.in.us
Weist, Tia English tweist@rcs.k12.in.us
Williams, Jeffery Acctounting, Bus Math, IT Com Tech jeffwill@rcs.k12.in.us
Wilson, Larry Machine Tool lwilson@rcs.k12.in.us
Witham, Angela Business angelan@rcs.k12.in.us
Woolpy, Rae Principal raew@rcs.k12.in.us
Worch, Derek French dworch2@rcs.k12.in.us
Wysong, Alyssa Counselor awysong@rcs.k12.in.us
Yoder, Josh Math jyoder@rcs.k12.in.us