RCS has a unique history in gifted programming with our Logos program, which is for students identified with high general intelligence. The LOGOS Lab program began in 1980 for middle school students with a need for a differentiated instructional program. This rigorous, full time program requires high task commitment and creativity,in addition to exceptional intellectual ability.  

LOGOS is a self-contained, multi-grade program for third-eighth graders. Students work with certified high ability instructors at least four of five periods each day, studying English, social studies, science, math, and Spanish. Students may participate in music, art, physical education, choir, band, or orchestra. A key component of the LOGOS Lab is Project Group, where students research a current interest or passion and develop sophisticated presentations to share their learning with others. Successful students in this program tend to be highly motivated, creative thinkers who enjoy this opportunity to pursue their own interests. Competition is encouraged with self rather than with others so that students may develop their unique strengths and become life-long and self-directed learners. 

Students are identified for this program using procedures recommended by the Gifted/Talented Divison of the Indiana Education Department.  All district second graders take a cognitive reasoning test to establish local norms, and these results are reviewed with other achievement data.  Students ranking above the 96th percentiles in math and language may be identified for this full time high ability program, beginning in third grade.